We have to learn how can we utilize resources around us like; infrastructure, knowledge and relations.

Being IT professional and after working 10 years in the field I came across many challenges where we have to develop new features or new functionalities. What we developed it might have already developed by others but somehow we don’t have that idea. Many times it also happened when we have to develop new feature we can get some reference or just sample code from internet, thanks to Google. The real job starts when you have to identify the resources which you can utilize to develop your feature but then we can’t use it directly. We have to analyse the code, we have to apply the logic, we have to try multiple solutions and after so many efforts of hours/days/weeks/months we can develop required feature. Obviously it would be team efforts many times.

What we can see that we implement new feature after reading, learning, applying and collaborating. This process can be applicable in every field, every profession. Basic things to get success in any form be it software development, achieving sales targets, success in share markets or in any relationship. We have to keep reading and observing the resources around us to get the success. We can also say observation is one of the form of reading the surroundings. If we read or if we have something in mind or if we have experiences or if we have observed then only we can apply. It doesn’t mean whatever we read or learn now we can get chance to apply it instantly. We have to bookmark it in our mind or in browser so we can utilize it in future whenever we need it. Reading will help you to give you references in your daily tasks to do your job better or in worst cases at arguments. ??

We also have to learn what we don’t have to learn. But may be some other time.

This is just my thought. Share your thoughts.